Jan Erik Waider

Jan Erik Waider is a landscape and advertising photographer based in Hamburg and highly specialized in the Nordic countries – particularly Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

In my eyes, the special allure of the North has always been its rugged charm and pristine beauty. However, apart from those exceptional landscapes it is the unique quality of light that draws me again and again in this direction, and Hamburg has proven to be my ideal base.

During my many trips and through numerous projects, I have gathered valuable geographical information about the Nordic countries. This knowledge helps me to find the most exclusive locations for professional outdoor photo shoots.

Furthermore, I have built a growing network of reliable regional partners with access to local resources, from location scouts and model agencies to film producers and professional equipment rentals. My clients profit directly from my network partners as this allows me to offer competitive quotes for an all-in service that is most reliable.

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As a professional landscape and travel photographer, I’ve seen firsthand the constantly increasing demand for authentic and fresh images at brands, companies and agencies.

It might take hours to scan through the archives of professional stock photo agencies, only to end up with worn-out motifs of mediocre quality. I offer inspiring photography of northern motifs that have an emotional appeal and tell mesmerizing stories.

  • Professional organization, project management and administration
  • Creative support in concept development
  • Contract management, licensing and buy-outs
  • Extensive and valuable partner network in Germany and the Nordic countries
  • Provision and selection of equipment, hardware and clothes
  • Location-scouting for photo and film productions
  • Professional post-production, color grading and retouching
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My versatile portfolio includes high-end food packaging, inspiring key visuals for tourism campaigns, smartphone wallpapers, and large-scale prints for retail stores.

Image database

In addition to the photos on this website, I offer a large collection of original material that I have accumulated over the years and continually add to.

You can download the images directly as an addition to an ongoing photo production or simply as stand-alone motifs. Flexible licensing and a fair price complete the offer. I am happy to assist you in putting together a selection of images on a given topic or using specific keywords.

Northlandscapes - Images database of Nordic landscapes

The North, with its unique change of seasons, offers a rich variety of scenes to stage a product and to narrate its story perfectly – from minimalist landscapes as simple backdrops, to authentic people portraits in a nature setting, to staging products in breathtaking panorama.

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