Jan Erik Waider is a landscape and advertising photographer based in Hamburg and highly specialized in the Nordic countries: Norway, Iceland, Greenland and beyond.

The Northern countries are one of a kind: raw, rugged, unapproachable, and with a pristine beauty at the same time. Jan Erik Waider has been fascinated by the magic of the North since early on. Like no other, he captures this enchantment with his photography.

Waider loves the cold and the winter of his chosen home, Iceland, when the towering waves created by the storms cover the horizon. He knows the North; he knows how to handle this weather. He has portrayed these landscapes in countless pictures: Mountains, glaciers and coastlines far away from civilization. None of these come even close to the stereotypical photos we see in travel guides, and yet, they are unmistakably symbols of the North.

He not only takes time for his travels, but also for his motifs. The landscapes invite you to pause and wait for that perfect moment, when the light wraps the area in a whole new cover. These special, almost surreal lighting situations make up the central theme of his work.

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